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Why Your Business Benefits from Google AdWords
May 25. 2016

We all know that whether it is a product or a service, people usually “Google it” before they buy it. Therefore your business needs to get along with Uncle Google if you want to grow your network through online opportunities.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is one of the ways you may prefer to move along with. However, SEO is a strategy that gives you long term outcome. When you start your SEO now, it will take time until you convince Google.

There is an other way around: Google AdWords. It is a paid advertising option as its name suggests obviously. Paid ads appear on Google search engine result page as first 1-4 and last 1-4 listings.

For example, I am looking for cheap flight tickets, I simple Google it as “cheap flight tickets”. Here are the results for me by Google:

chip flight tickets

But Why Google AdWords is Good for Your Business?

We need to clarify that Google AdWords is not substitutive for SEO. Rather, a business needs to consider both as a whole, since both will provide traffic to your website. But why Google AdWords is good for your business in particular?

#1 Fast

As it is mentioned above, SEO takes a long time to get results, however Google AdWords is very fast to take an action and see the results. Once you define the most proper strategy for your business, you only need to go Google AdWords ( and create your campaign.

#2 Measurable Results

Google AdWords provides you an insightful analysis on every aspect of your campaign. For example, you can see the number of clicks, impressions, conversations, conversation rate, cost per acquisition, etc. With this feature, it allows you to see detailed reports and move accordingly. It is also good to see if there is a need to change your campaign strategy or not.

#3 Low Cost

Yes, Google AdWords sounds like it is not for small size companies. Rather, it is a good opportunity for all different size of companies. As you can manage your campaign any time, and define upper limit cost for your ads, it is rather cost friendly way of advertising online.

#4 Targeted Audience

Compared to conventional advertising, Google AdWords provides a big chance your business to pinpoint. For example, Google AdWords allows you to target according to location, time and language. There is also a possibility to create your campaign for mobile which is very important considering people use mobile more then desktop.

#5 Re-targeting

Google AdWords helps you re-target your audience in several ways. For example, based on previous users activities, they can be saved as popular category, so that you can re-target that users and send specific messages to them.


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