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Upcoming Features of Facebook Profile
Oct 1. 2015

Many of us care about how our social media profiles look like since they have become an integral part of our lives. Although there are many reasons to have a presence in social media, many people involve in by sharing almost every moment of their life (what they eat, where they go etc.) to identify and express themselves. Therefore, it matters that what social media sites provide for their users.

Facebook with its 1.44 billion users/monthly has outlined the upcoming updates on “profiles”. Here are the main improvements:

Profile Photos or Profile Videos?

If you think profile photos are not enough to introduce yourself, good news for you: profile videos are on the way. You will be able to record a short video clip that will play for anyone who visits your profile very soon. With this feature Facebook is going to give its users an opportunity to make their profile more attractive!


Temporary Profile Photos

There are also other new features to manage your profile photos. As Facebook realizes people change their profile photos according to what is going on their life or what they care about at the moment (for instance, to represent their solidarity), temporary profile photos will be available soon. This new feature will enable Facebook users to make your photos are shown for a certain time.


New Customizable Space for Your Profile

Facebook users already have an “About” space to show their personal information such as their work and education, the place they’ve lived, contact and basic info, family and relationships and so on. In addition to that, you will be able to fill kind of “featured summary” at the top of your profile. With this new “bio” field, you will showcase important details about yourself and 5 featured photos!


Upcoming updates are cool, aren’t they?


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