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5 Tips to Understand SEO
Nov 18. 2015

Are you thinking about how to increase your company’s online visibility and brand awareness? Whatever your business is web the perfect tool for your branding. From web design to social media, everything in detail helps strengthen your company identity. However, although you’ve got a very nice web site with responsive design, you still need more when it comes to be visible online: a fresh search engine optimization strategy.

Search engine optimization or SEO, simply means all works to keep your business/website relevant in search engine unpaid results. In other words, it provides you to rank higher on the search list and reach your target audience.

Basically, text, content, links, headings and HTML that your website contains, are the parts need to be taken care of for your website to be ranked earlier. So, you can find below 5 basic tips for successful SEO.

1. Content matters

Without a great content, you fail. There is nothing to do without relevant and good content for your website ranking. To get more people visited your website, you need to convince them that they will find useful information what they are looking for. So, all content elements (text, links, headings…) must be relevant to your target audience!

2. Keywords are KEY words

What is the name of your business? What is the word that you use frequently in your business? Do you know which words bring more people to your website? Yes, these are your keywords. Picking best keywords will provide better results on search list. However, you need to be careful about not to spam! Use max 4-5 keywords!

3. in Detail: Title Tag & Meta Description

Title tag of your website tells search engines what is your website and business about and meta description provides more detailed information. Both help your website with keyword ranking. So, you need to clearly state yourself.

4. Social Media!

There is no doubt about how social media are powerful since people go online more and more. If you have already created perfect website with its design and content for your business, it is time use social media to promote it. When people engage with your post on social media (like, comment, share) it helps you move higher on ranking list!

5. Analyze Your Strategy

SEO is kind of never-ending process that you need to refresh your strategy depending on your target audience’s search habits. So, it is better to use monitoring tools to analyze users’ interaction with your website. Never forget: digital communications require deep understanding of people!

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  1. Liam Anthony says:

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