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Make some Noise!

Today’s online world is about noise, buzz, social media existence…at TamTam, we focus on making sure that your brand and its promise are out there and reach your target audience. Right communication always begins like a fairy tale – Once upon a time…we need to together redefine your brand message, analyze your brand awareness and redirect the noise in that direction. Our team of social media and branding analysts will help you tell your story to the world.


Hear then Listen…

It takes 7 occurrences on the average for a person to remember a brand, it means that once you have been heard, you will have people’s attention, but it takes more to pass on a clear and understandable message about who you are and what you do! Our team together with you develops an idea into an audible message.



Bottom line is “size does matter”. When it comes to online communications or social media, only numbers matter. We will help you monitor and improve your number of visitors, followers and audience engagement.

All Internet users 



18-29 years old

72% of the world’s internet users are now active on social media, but rather than just be present you need to define your social media strategy.