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How to “Use Facebook as My Page”
May 5. 2016

Most probably you are used to use your Facebook Page simply by clicking on the arrow at the top, and switch to your business page account. However you may have noticed that you cannot use Facebook as your page in that way anymore.

The reason that we have been using “Facebook as our page” is because it is easy to follow other pages that we are interested in or the pages related to our business. They were appearing on newsfeed as your profile newsfeed. Therefore we could communicate our potential audience by liking other pages’ posts or writing a comment which are very important tactics for your business to grow your network.

However the way we follow has been changed.

For example;

If you would like to see not your personal profile newsfeed but newsfeed of your business page, you should go to your page, and click on “see pages feed” which appears on the left column.

use facebook as my page2

Then, you will see this screen which has a different structure what it was before.

use facebook as my page3

When you scroll down, you can see news from pages you liked as your page. Here, you will see that you are already using Facebook as your page.

use Facebook as my page4

Moreover, if you would like to search and add new company pages, you can do it here: Like other pages >> start typing the name of a Facebook Page.

use Facebook as my page5

If you click on “Liked by this page”, you will see list of pages that you liked as your page.

use Facebook as my page6

It is still very easy to use, however you may get lost once you have noticed that you cannot simply swift through arrow on the top.

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