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Facebook Made an Amazing Deck of Playing Cards With Marketing Insights
Feb 22. 2016

Facebook combined a playful concept with great design in this recent initiative to send its 2015 marketing insights to agencies—via a beautiful deck of 52 illustrated playing cards.

The deck was made by London creative agency Human After All. Each card offered a unique and engaging insight about Facebook and its U.K. users—from Santa to Star Wars, from Jay Z to Jon Snow—the agency says.

The packaging was personalized to the agency that would be getting each pack. And in addition to the U.K., country-specific packs were created for France, Italy and Spain with alternative insights and illustrations.

In all, more than 1,000 decks were distributed to agencies that work with Facebook. Human After All also created a large poster of the cards for Facebook to display in its headquarters and send to clients.

More images below.

facebook-playing-cards-1 facebook-playing-cards-2 facebook-playing-cards-3 facebook-playing-cards-4 facebook-playing-cards-5 facebook-playing-cards-6 facebook-playing-cards-7 facebook-playing-cards-8 facebook-playing-cards-9

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