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Create a LinkedIn Company Page and Boost it in 5 Steps
Jun 8. 2016

LinkedIn is the largest Professional online network with its more than 400 million users worldwide. Therefore, you need to consider building a Company Page for your business to take advantages of it. It is a good opportunity to connect with potential clients, professional of your sector, your employees or even potential candidates. That’s why LinkedIn is called professional social network.

Following steps explains you everything you need to know about how to start and boost it.

  1. Get Started!

To get stated, visit Create a Company Page.

add a company

In order to proceed, you need to use your company e-mail address.

  1. Fill All Related Areas Correctly

It is important to fill all information about your business correctly.

– Write full name of your company.

– Write a description of your company. (It has to be min 300 characters.)

– Choose default language

– Include admin(s) of your page. (You need to be connected with them personally.)

– Add company specialties correctly. (For example, web design, SEO, etc…)

– You can also add a group to be featured on your page where you are an admin or member.

  1. Use Good Quality Logo & Photos

You should use good quality photos of your company. There are already certain image sizes approved by LinkedIn. Still you should use attractive images for example for cover photo and photo for your posts.

You can check photo sizes for Linkedin here.

  1. Increase Your Followers

Start with your own circle. First, notify your team to follow your page.

You can send out an email to your current contacts to invite them to follow your page.

You should add a Linkedin icon on your company page goes to your Linkedin Company Page.

You can also promote your Linkedin Company page on your Facebook Fan Page or other social media channels that you are using for your company.

  1. Create Unique Content for your LinkedIn Company Page

You should create a unique content for your LinkedIn Company Page directly related your business. You can share white papers, blog posts, news, press releases, products & services.

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