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All You Need To Know About “#”
Sep 28. 2015

What does # mean in Social Media?                                                         

We all know that the # symbol is called the pound or number sign. However, it recently means more when it comes to social media. Basically, it is an efficient way to categorize your posts, mentions and data. Twitter, where hashtag was used first in 2007- defines it as:

The # symbol, called a hashtag, is used to mark keywords or topics in a Tweet. It was created organically by Twitter users as a way to categorize messages.

Now, in all other social networks including Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and so on, hashtags have become inseparable part of the online conversation. They help people specify their content and reach people who are also interested in same topic, idea or experience.

For example when you post a photo on Instagram about your new hobby, namely carving egg shells, it is useful to add hashtags like #carvingeggshells, #carvedeggshells so that users who have similar taste can see your post, and you can also see others’ marked with same keyword. Be sure that they are placed in front of the keywords without a space, punctuation and any special characters!


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How to use #s exactly?

Posts with hashtags can get more engagement than without hashtags. But there are still some important points while using them that you should follow.

  • Use relevant hashtags but be unique                      

Hashtags are efficient to get more engagement with right audience when you use them relevantly. While being relevant, they should be unique as well, otherwise your posts with very common/popular hashtags may get lost in the massive.

  • Be specific

Hashtags should be short and specific to your content. Long and complicated sentences makes your followers confused (#lkmsdmckdhfdıvnksnvauodcnivdmlslvkn). So keep it clear and easy to remember!

  • Less is more

Yes, it is right that more hashtags get more engagement to your post, however you should keep in mind “less is more” rule for two reasons. First, there is no need to cut a sentence with several hashtags (#less #is #more), rather it is better to remark full sentence (#lessismore). Second, long hashtag lines along with your post (#lnvsıv #lnecpoıenp #cnıcsdc #ısnsısvn #dsnso #dolvnsı #alsfuvnd #pblvlp #pvökcbu #pğdeıncc) may get your followers lost the point and make them easily bored.

How does # matter in Business?

There is no doubt about the importance of social media in any business since whole marketing landscape has got you into Social Media. Therefore using Social Media tools efficiently has become one of fundamental element of your business strategy. Then, the question “how does hashtag matter in business” comes in. The answer is simple: it helps your business grow massively if you use it in a proper manner.

All rules explained above should be applied to social media for business. Of course, first you must be clear on the answers of “what do you promote & who is your target”. Then hashtags will help you to spread your promotion by reaching right audience.#

Moreover, they will help you to be in interactive communication with your followers. By analyzing their engagement with your posts (via Tagboard, Hashtagify or Ritetag), you can take your actions accordingly for your business!

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