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7 Social Media Experts To Follow On Twitter In 2016
Jan 13. 2016

Believe it or not, social media is one of the best places to find social media experts. Some of the industries brightest minds also happen to be the most prolific tweeters.

Following these experts is akin to a free education. Most are not afraid to share the advice and wisdom they have gathered from their trade.

These influencers are not only valuable because of their sage and relevant advice. Many of them have also mastered the art of entertaining online which is a valuable skill in itself.

Whether you’re looking to make connections or brush up on the top trends for 2016, here are seven social media experts to follow on Twitter this year:

Michael A. Stelzner

As the founder of the Social Media Examiner, Michael literally wrote the website on social media best practices. His website alone is a staple for anyone who wants to operate in the social sphere.

With just over 24k tweets, it’s safe to say he is a regular on Twitter. He does not just share all the latest news in social media marketing. He’s also busy speaking with his 120k thousand followers.

Happy to share his content and curate content from others, Michael’s Twitter feed is the front page of social media marketing news.

Guy Kawasaki

Guy Kawasaki is a master influencer. He is the former chief evangelist at Apple. Now, he dedicates his time to working as the chief evangelist at Canva and posting funny cat videos on Twitter.

Kawasaki’s feed is lighter on pro tips than other feeds. Rather, he leads by example. He has curated a Twitter feed that attracts 1.5 million followers.

Jon Morrow

Jon Morrow is the CEO of Boost Blog Traffic, a website that is the Cliff Notes version of best practices in social media. His Twitter feed serves as a one-stop source for any information you need on digital marketing or within social media marketing.

He is a wealth of information regarding the latest data in the field. However, his profile is also one to emulate. His followers agree that he has perfected the art of the tweet.

Jason Falls

Jason Falls is the funny man of the social media set. He is a senior vice president at Elastic and a highly sought-after keynote speaker. As the author of two books, he is a real authority on social media in theory and in practice.

His Twitter page offers up advice for large and small brands alike. Unlike other experts, he does not just share and retweet. He is quippy and witty. He also offers valuable personal insights into the content he shares.

Eve Mayer

Eve is the CEO of Social Media Delivered. Her company offers social media consulting, training and execution to anyone who wants to reach real people. She is also a published author and a professional speaker. She has a sharp wit on Twitter that is perfectly balanced with tweets containing cute GIFs of dogs.

Eve is one to follow for the LinkedIn crowd. She spends a lot of time teaching followers about the importance of social media today. She offers followers valuable insight on some of the best ways to use LinkedIn.

David Meerman Scott

If you recently saw something great in your feed, there is a good chance that David Meerman Scott tweeted it first. He is a strategist who manages to stay one step ahead of many of the other social media experts.

David has only 15.1k tweets but he can be forgiven. He is also the author of 10 books that have been published into 24 languages. He is also a regular fixture at conferences as a keynote speaker. Followers can be certain that if he set time aside for Twitter, that tweet was important.

Kim Garst

Kim is the self-proclaimed “First Lady of Periscope.” Her talents are diverse and also extend to writing, speaking and teaching. You definitely won’t be snoring during Kim’s classes as she is also a great strategist in the field of social selling. She was named as one of Forbes’s Top 10 Social Media Influencers. Thus, you can be sure that if she is tweeting about it, that tweet is relevant.

Her Twitter feed heavily features tips for Periscope. It is useful for anyone who is just getting involved with Periscope and anyone who wants to use it more effectively. She also offers links to her own content and plenty of shareable motivational tweets.

Twitter is a fantastic resource for social media marketers. As a field that moves at lightning pace, there are few better places to go for the latest news and trends than social media itself. This is not only because all of the valuable resources that are shared on Twitter. It is the perfect place for anyone to watch the masters at work on their home turf.

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