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5 Free Keyword Research Tools
Apr 21. 2016

Keyword research is indispensable part of your digital marketing strategy, especially for SEO. Whatever your strategy is you need to consider all related keywords and phrases that people are searching for, otherwise your content will be invisible in the flow.

However, one of the most difficult and time consuming part of keyword research is to find most related keywords. If you are a Google Adwords user, Google AdWords Planner -which replace the Google Keyword Tool- will sound familiar to you but you may find its functions are limited.

Luckly we have slew of different tools, whether free or paid,  alternative to Google AdWords Planner. Here you may find best 5 free tools to develop your keyword research according to your needs.

1) Keyword Eye

KeywordEye: It is simple visual way to tackle online marketing. When you search for keywords, you will get related keywords in the cloud with different size and color. The size shows search frequency of the keyword last month, and the color shows how competitive it is. On free option the tool limits you 10 searches a day.

Keyword Research Tools - Keyword Eye

2) Keyword Tool

Keyword Tool:  It allows you to search keywords not only for Google but also for Youtube, Bing, Amazon and App Store and generates long-tail keyword suggestions. Free version of Keyword Tool generates up to 750+ long-tail keyword suggestions for every search term and without creating an account.

Keyword Research Tools - Keyword Tool

3) Word Stream

WordStream: It show most relevant 100 keywords to your keyword research according to relative frequency. It is possible to filter adult keywords or “niche” keywords. You have 30 free searches.
Keyword Research Tools - WordStream

4) Keyword Discovery

Keyword Discovery: Keyword Discovery is another simple tool that shows related keywords results on a table.

Keyword Research Tool - Keyword Discover


5) Advanced Web Ranking

Advanced Web Ranking: It is actually very useful tool that helps you see all results from AdWords, Google Webmaster API, Google Trends, Google Suggest, SEMRush, Wordtracker and Yahoo API Related Keyword Search in one place. However, you need to register for free trial which has limited features.

Keyword Research Tool - Advanced Web Rankingpng


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